Skycoin`s New Hardware Wallet

When you store or access your cryptocurrency, you are your own bank, so the process should be simple and intuitive. Your hardware wallet is your bank vault and it should feel like a premium and secure device. We’ve spent months iterating over designs and incorporating user feedback in order to make Skywallet the best hardware wallet experience on the market.

Getting started

Recovery seed

The recovery seed is a backup for your entire device. If your device is lost or damaged, you can recover your wallets using the seed phrase. It is generated on your device and only shown once. It should go without saying that if somebody finds your seed, they can easily clone your device. Do not store the seed or communicate it digitally. Support will never ask for your seed.


Before connecting to your computer, please ensure that you have the latest version of the skycoin desktop wallet installed available at If it is already installed, simply plug your device into your computer and follow the instructions on screen.


Do not expose the wallet to extreme temperatures or elements. It is not waterproof, heat or acid resistant.


Download the Skywallet user manual here:

User Manual

Download the Desktop Wallet and the Skywallet Daemon here: