Internet from the future is touching down in NYC

Skycoin is an established and revolutionary crypto-ecosystem supporting a truly private, secure, and distributed Internet called Skywire. Designed by early Bitcoin and Ethereum developers, Skycoin provides an all encompassing solution to the shortfalls of early cryptocurrencies. NYC has been chosen to be the testing ground for Skywire, the new Internet.

Joining the Facebook Skycoin NYC Group

Head on over to the Skycoin NYC Facebook group and join the group to stay abreast of the latest developments in the Sky universe and connect with the NYC Skyfleet. The team posts original content that is pertinent and insightful. If you care about net neutrality and on-line privacy, this is the place to be.

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Free drinks and free crypto!

What can be better than free Internet? The answer is free Internet along with free drinks and free crypto. Attend the Skycoin NYC meetup and receive 8 SKY as well as 20K Coin Hours directly to your Sky wallet. Rub shoulders with Skyfleet over drinks and explore the revolutionary Skycoin ecosystem on - at -

Speech about Skycoin

Watch a talk and presentation that will detail all the components of the Skycoin ecosystem and how they synergistically come together to enable a revolution in the way we do Internet. Learn about the philosophy behind Skycoin, how it solves issues that other cryptos struggle with and become familiar with Skycoin's strategy for deploying the new Internet.

Installing the Skycoin wallet

To receive your crypto gift, you will need to install the Skycoin wallet. The Skycoin wallet is available for desktop or mobile operating systems and is free, secure and easy to install. The intuitive user interface makes transacting in Skycoin a breeze.

Download the Skywallet