CX is Skycoin's specification and programming language, packed full of features. It allows for the creation of complex contractual agreements that are build with security in mind.

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Check out the video below to get an introduction on the CX programming language by the lead developer Amaury Aguila.

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Download CX now and start working on a project. Join the CX group on Telegram to share your work, get help, gain inspiration and much more. There is even a group dedicated to making games with CX.

CX will provide numerous advancements within the Skycoin project.


The utilization of affordances allows the permission of packages to be granted or rejected from specific users, aiding in the ability of programmers to confidently create secure code.

Strict typing system

Explicit type casting reduces errors and makes CX constitutionally secure for programmers.

Object explorer

Programmers will have access to an object explorer which will show a graphical view of all objects and their current memory allocation.

More features...

  • Deterministic language

  • Compiled & interpreted language

  • Extensive documentation

  • Active development

  • Video game development

  • Mac, Linux and Windows support

Start developing now with CX. Either download it from Github or try the CX playground.