Skywire is the next evolutionary step in the internet’s development and use. Our goal is to provide everyone with access to fast, secure, private and reliable internet.

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“To free Crypto from the bonds of corrupt power, we need more than distributed exchanges. We need to bypass the existing Internet. Mesh networks solve this problem. Skywire is the only one designed by and for the Crypto Space.” - John McAfee

Everyone will be able to contribute to and benefit from Skywire


Skywire’s protocol is based on software-defined networking, which will make the outdated and inefficient “hot-potato” packet routing a thing of the past.


With default end-to-end encryption, Skywire ensures that all traffic is private and users will never have their data tracked, stored, or sold.


Today, internet users have no say in how ISPs operate. Skywire gives this decision making power back to the community in the form of a web-of-trust system.

Self-sustaining ecosystem

By providing Skycoin and Coin Hour rewards to node operators, we offer incentives for people to contribute to the network.

Foundation of the new internet

Skywire lays the foundation for distributed bandwidth, storage, and computation essential to the new peer-to-peer internet

Its private, secure and decentralized. Join over 1,450+ nodes now on Skywire with our current special promotion!