The Skyminer

Meticulously designed using open standards and configured to become a node in the backbone of Skywire, the ‘miner’ is your key to participating in the new Internet and to earn SKY for doing so.


  • 8 CPU boards
  • 2 GB of RAM per board
  • 4 CPU cores per board
  • 16 GB of storage per board
  • 64-bit OS (Debian)
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet, 8+1 port switch
  • Custom aluminum & Plexigas case

Earning is easy with a Skyminer!
Participate in the network using your Skyminer and get paid SKY for doing so.

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Watch and learn!

Check out this collection of Youtube videos to gain a deeper understanding of Skyminer.

Top-notch Support – we’ve got your back

With the purchase of a Skyminer you automatically get access to super fast email support from our help desk support ticket system. Additionally, our Telegram Skywire community consisting of over 2000 members, also offers community based support.

Skywire. private, secure and decentralized. Join the future now with a Skyminer and become one of an ever-growing number of nodes on the Skywire network.

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Forbes’ #1 project picked for 2019

“Skycoin aims to provide a new internet that is global, decentralized, and not controlled by any country, corporation or government. For privacy gurus or net neutrality enthusiasts… this is a project to stay on top of.”