Skycoin is next generation Blockchain technology.

Skycoin was created by developers who have been involved in cryptocurrency since the early days. They saw the shortcomings of the first cryptos and created Skycoin as a solution.

Skycoin is an ecosystem

  • Skycoin, the currency
  • Skywire, the new Internet
  • Obelisk, the new consensus algorithm
  • Sky Fiber, the new platform
  • CX, the new programming language

The Skycoin ecosystem is made up of hardware and software that was carefully designed to work together synergistically and to make the best possible use of Blockchain technology.


Skycoin Wallet

Easy to use, safe and secure. Whether you prefer a mobile or desktop platform, we have a Skycoin wallet especially for your operating system of choice. Skycoin wallet is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

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Buying Skycoin is easy

There’s nothing cryptic about buying Skycoin. Use your credit card, current crypto holdings or fiat money to buy Skycoin directly from our website or from one of the quality exchanges that list Skycoin.

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