Secure mobile solutions for holding, sending, and receiving Skycoin.

The Skycoin mobile wallet offers Skycoin users an on-the-go platform for transacting with SKY that is free of charge, safe, and easy to use. For the users' convenience, the Skycoin mobile wallet is available on both Android and iOS.

Accessible, easy to install, easy to use

  • Available for free on the App Store, Play Store, or as an APK on the Skycoin website
  • Simple one-click installation
  • Intuitive user interface that is easy to understand
  • Advanced functionality is available for experienced users
  • Language support for Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese users

The Skycoin mobile wallet was meticulously designed to be accessible to as many users as possible, regardless of the users' experience level. Advanced functionality that may be required by experienced users is located on a separate tab and multiple language support ensures ease of access to many non-English speaking users.

Watch and see how easy it is to transact with Skycoin mobile wallet

Skycoin mobile wallet is secure and safe to use

Security is a top priority for all Skycoin products and the Skycoin mobile wallet is no exception. With hardware encrypted keys and a user selected pin of up to six digits, you can rest assured that your Skycoin remains where it belongs.

Free to download, easy to install, secure to use. The Skycoin mobile wallet is the key that unlocks the door to the entire Skycoin ecosystem.

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