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Jul 1 2020

Skycoin is an Official Vendor at

The Skycoin Project has now become an official vendor at the e-commerce website, an online marketplace that allows the millions of cryptocurrency holders around the world to buy goods and services using one of over 45 cryptocurrencies as payment.

Visit the new Skycoin store at

In addition to the store at Skycoin’s own website, Skycoin is also making its advanced hardware available for purchase through WeShopWithCrypto.

Some of the items now available for purchase include the Skywallet, Skycoin’s unique and affordable cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet. Skycoin’s flagship product, the Skyminer, is also available at the new store. Skyminers form the backbone of a new encrypted and incentivized Internet. Crypto users can even purchase the Skywallet Hardware Development Kit (HDK), which will allow developers to code support for their own coins into the Skywallet.

Future updates to the store will see new official Skycoin products made available as they are released, including new Skyminers, antennas, and other products in the Skycoin pipeline.

Allowing Skycoin’s products to be purchased through such a wide range of cryptocurrencies will broaden the scope of people around the world who are exposed to Skycoin’s exciting technology, and greatly expands the means to acquire it.

WeShopWithCrypto also allows registered users to earn affiliate rewards of 5% on all direct sales referred by you. So now you can share your passion for Skyminers or the considerable security benefits of using a Skywallet along with a link that will earn you a little commission on each sale that uses your link as a thank you for spreading the word about Skycoin. (Note: Please do not spam forums or social media with your affiliate links, or they will be canceled.)

Skycoin makes some of the most innovative and exciting technology in the world, and now more people than ever can be a part of Skyfleet through Skycoin’s storefront at