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Dec 18 2017

Solar Bankers is One Example of a Company Adopting the Revolutionary Skycoin Blockchain

Better speed, better security, better privacy – Skycoin offers all these advantages through its open-source platform. The innovative technology that powers Skycoin is available to all. Today, more and more companies are taking note of Skycoin’s benefits and using it to build their businesses.

One example is Solar Bankers, a revolutionary new energy company. Solar Bankers is using the power of blockchain to decentralize the energy sector. With Solar Bankers, users can generate solar electricity at their homes through high-tech, patented solar devices. Once the energy is collected, users can trade it directly with their neighbors using SunChain and its currency, SunCoin.

SunCoin prices are set by the supply and demand of the market. With decentralized peer-to-peer energy trading, there’s no need to rely on a utility company. It’s a unique business model that’s environmentally friendly, profitable, and empowering – and it’s all built on the Skycoin platform.

Like Skycoin, Sunchain has a consensus algorithm that eliminates the need for mining. It also features Skycoin’s speed and privacy, with fast, untraceable transactions that use the CoinJoin protocol. Solar Bankers shows how businesses can use Skycoin technology to decentralize finance, bringing economic power back to the individual and eliminating corporate middlemen.

Solar Bankers and other companies choose to build their currencies on Skycoin for one simple reason: Skycoin offers better technical features than other open-source platforms. It has best-in-class encryption, speed, and reliability. Plus, it’s absolutely private.

Skycoin lets users create their own cryptocurrencies using a common platform. In this sense, it functions similarly to ERC20 tokens. However, unlike Ethereum, Skycoin technology provides businesses with a private blockchain that isn’t shared among other currencies. Skycoin uses improved encryption and a unique method for verifying transactions that makes it immutable and immune to 51% attacks.

With Skycoin, companies and individuals don’t have to put their data on a shared chain with other derived coins. Skycoin has its own consensus algorithm, blockchain, and dedicated developers. When businesses use Skycoin, they maintain the privacy and security of data while enjoying the fast transaction speeds and tools that Skycoin provides.

These features make Skycoin by far the best choice for developing cryptocurrencies. As more businesses build on Skycoin’s open-source platform, the technology is rapidly spreading. It’s likely we’ll see Skycoin technology powering many different types of currencies in the future.

Although the spread of Skycoin technology is good news for users, it’s important to understand that Skycoin-based cryptocurrencies are independent from the Skycoin project itself. Because Skycoin is open-source, anyone can use it. Many businesses are adopting and modifying it for their own use. Skycoin isn’t affiliated with these businesses. Instead, Skycoin is the foundation that these companies have chosen to build on.

When we developed Skycoin, we set out to make it the best platform of its kind. The widespread adoption of Skycoin technology speaks for itself. Companies like Solar Bankers are just the beginning. It’s our hope that the Skycoin platform will provide businesses with the tools they need to innovate and evolve, creating new technologies that empower users and support the decentralized, peer-to-peer internet economy.