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Sep 5 2022

Skycoin releases Skywire v1.2.0


A new version of Skywire has been released for Windows, MacOS and Linux distributions and is available from the download section now.

The new version of Skywire ships with a range of bugifixes and features that are documented in the Changelog. Notably, the release adds:

  • a VPN CLI that makes the usage of the VPN from the command line more ergonomic
  • an autopeering system for Skybian nodes to autoconnect to hypervisors in the same cluster
  • support for using multiple hypervisors in the same browser

Bugs with the latency calulation of visors and intermediate drops of connectivity to the visor have been fixed.

Skybian users are encouraged to update their running clusters to the latest version.


We invite you to install Skywire today on your system and will provide support via our Telegram channel.

Installation instructions for Debian-based Linux distributions can be found in the Skywire-Wiki. Arch users can install Skywire from the AUR.

Windows and MacOS users can find installers on the Downloads page. Note that MacOS users will need to right click the installer and select Open With > Installer to install Skywire.