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Jul 8 2022

Skycoin releases Skywire v1.0.0


A new version of Skywire has been released for Windows, MacOS and Linux distributions and is available from the download section now.

The new version of Skywire comes with a lot of changes to improve the user experience and performance of the system. A special focus of development has been the Skywire VPN. Some of the most important changes are:

  • automatic removal of slow or unavailable VPN servers from the speed dial list
  • simplified connection setup via system tray application
  • new installer package for MacOS systems; reworked installer for Windows systems
  • rewritten Skywire-CLI with more intuitive commands and better help menus
  • and many more changes found in the Changelog

The Skywire team has worked diligently to refine the user interfaces, to improve the packages and installers for all operating systems, and to eliminate any instability in the VPN.


The setup procedure for Skywire on Skyminers has been drastically simplified and does not require dedicated software anymore. Users can simply flash their Skyminer SD cards with the provided Skybian image and the system will autoconfigure itself. Skyminer operators are encouraged to update their Skyminer installations or set them up from scratch with the new Skybian images. More information on the updating and setup procedures can be found here.

The build process for Skybian has been vastly simplified and improved, with a 70% reduction in build script length which results in a better experience for operators. The VPN server is now enabled by default for the new Skybian images, which will provide a multitude of new VPN server endpoints for those who install the new images.


We invite you to install Skywire today on your system and will provide support via our Telegram channel.

Installation instructions for Debian-based Linux distributions can be found in the Skywire-Wiki. Arch users can also follow instructions found in the AUR.

Windows and MacOS users can find installers on the Downloads page. Note that MacOS users will need to right click the installer and select Open With > Installer to install Skywire.