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Feb 23 2022

Skycoin releases Skywire v0.6.0

The latest version of Skycoin’s Skywire software includes a number of improvements, and is available to install from GitHub or via the ‘update visor’ command in the Skywire HyperVisor UI menu.

This week’s Skywire 0.6.0 update includes: - New Skywire installation packages for Debian and Arch Linux, as well as an installer for Microsoft Windows - Dmsghttp has been implemented, allowing communication with Skywire Services over dmsg protocol - The Skywire CLI has been improved to automate Skywire setup - Skywire now features a dedicated Systray Application - Many other miscellaneous improvements, bug-fixes, and enhancements

Users wishing to install the packages can either download the respective package from the release page or follow the guide for how to install the package from the terminal.