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Oct 22 2021

Skywire Update released

A new Skywire version has been released. The latest version of the Skywire software includes a user interface for decentralized VPN service, among other enhancements. Skywire version 0.5.0 is available to install beginning today.

Skywire 0.5.0 includes:

  • A user interface for the decentralized VPN, with advanced statistics, server selection and more
  • Multi-hop VPN is easy to set up within the new UI
  • An updated connection library, with transports automatically established by Skywire
  • Improved network performance and a reduction in the minimum requirements for the machine running the software

Users who choose to run public visors on Skywire may be entitled to additional monthly rewards in the future. Users may also choose to serve the Skywire VPN network as data relays. Updates to the rewards structure will be announced in the coming month.

Users running Skybian are advised to update their nodes via the UI’s Update All button.

Please join for assistance.