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Jul 1 2021

Skywire Performance Update Released

Recently, Skycoin completed a number of performance upgrades for Skywire, which have resulted in improved performance and optimized network usage of visors on the Skywire network. These upgrades were undertaken to improve reliability for Skywire users, and to stabilize the production deployment.

To take advantage of these upgrades, Skyminer operators are encouraged to migrate to the new system over the next month. After this one-month grace period, unmigrated skyminers will be ineligible to receive rewards until they have completed the upgrade.

In order to upgrade, Skywire users should enter the hypervisorUI and click the menu dropdown button in the top right corner. This will reveal an option to Update all visors.

Miner operators that flashed their boards with the first Skybian version released in the first quarter of 2020 may experience problems upgrading. In case not all of your visors come online again after updating and you are running a Skybian version from the first quarter of 2020, you are advised to reflash your nodes with the latest Skybian version found here.

Please join for assistance.