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Oct 19 2020

Skywire Update Released

The Skywire dev team is excited to release the Skywire VPN client in beta.

Skywire Mainnet was launched in April 2020, and the latest update brings substantial improvements and bugfixes. The enhancements include: - A Skywire VPN beta app - Hypervisor Enhancements - New transport types

Users who want to upgrade their Skyminers are encouraged to start by following the instructions here:

Users who want to start using the Skywire VPN beta application are encouraged to follow the guide here:

Skywire VPN

The Skywire dev team is excited to release the Skywire VPN client in beta. This greatly anticipated feature will simplify the ability to make use of the privacy, security, and end-to-end encryption of Skywire. Users will connect to Skyminer operators and select from VPN servers all over the globe. Skyminer operators can decide to advertise their own VPN server to other participants in the network to make the VPN service even stronger.

One of the key features of Skywire is its complete anonymity. There is no equivalent to an I.P. address that can tie a given Skywire access point to a specific person or geographical location.

Hypervisor Enhancements

A number of diagnostic tools have been added to the control panel called Hypervisor to allow users to better understand the status of their nodes. In addition, the Hypervisor theme has been updated with a sleek new dark motif.

Transport Types

Two new transport types have been introduced, making life that much easier for users of Skywire. - Holepunch Transport: This allows users to connect two visors directly to one another, even if those visors are behind firewalls. - TCP-Resolver Transport: This transport allows a user to establish an automatically setup of transports to remote nodes on public IPs.

What’s next?

Skywire is under active development and users can expect a host of new features and improvements to the network. Specifically they will benefit from

  • A new UI specifically designed for VPN usage
  • Automatic transport establishment to streamline connection setup
  • Installers for MacOS and Windows to simplify the installation of Skywire
  • Customized rewards based on contributions to the network