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Mar 2 2018

Skycoin PSA: Onwards and upwards Skyfleet!

Lots of work going on at Skycoin, and lots of exciting news to share: We are moving Reddit community to r/Skycoin, submit questions for AMA with Synth. Our marketing team is expanding, and we reaffirm our vision and mission to change the world.

New Official r/Skycoin & r/Skytrader Reddits

The Skycoin official Reddit community is moving to r/Skycoin. The old r/skycoinproject subreddit will be closing down on Monday, March 5th. This subreddit will be for official news, events, and serious questions.

All memes, price and trading discussion, and less serious discussions will take place in our community club house at r/Skytrader. This is where the Skyfleet can hang out, throw up some stickers, let loose and have fun.

First In A Series Of AMAs To Feature Synth

To kick off the new community home, an AMA is scheduled with Synth, and the community can submit their questions for him here. Questions will be collected until Friday, March 2nd, and answers will be posted on Monday, March 5th. See the link above for details.

Thereafter, a new AMA will be taking place on Reddit every 2 weeks or so on a different topic for the Skycoin team and community to communicate. Skycoin cares, and we’re here to support our community.

Skycoin Expands Marketing Team

Skycoin would like to welcome on board SharkCIA as an official marketing partner. This well-organized team will be leading all marketing, communication channels and community management going forward.

Great things are coming for Skycoin in 2018 and it is time to take marketing and telling the world about our project seriously. We have heard you, and we are taking action.

Of course, none of this can be achieved without you, the Skyfleet community. We will be calling on you to help as much as possible in the future. Stay tuned, stay ready.

Reaffirming The Skycoin Vision

We strongly believe that digital currency should empower all users to trade in a peer-to-peer fashion without centralized powers or mining consortiums. We believe the internet should be controlled by the people, and provide equal access and net-neutral protections to all users. We believe the real future of blockchain is Fiber with our revolutionary obelisk consensus algorithm that eliminates fees, centralization, and waste.

That is why we have created the Skycoin ecosystem, to solve the problems nobody else will. Join us, join the revolution, and let’s change the world together.