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Skycoin Now Accepted on BastionPay - Online & Offline Payment Platform

The month of June has only just started, and we already have a host of announcements published for #MonthOfAnnouncements!

After amicable talks, and a brief tech support phase, we are proud to announce that Skycoin is now accepted on BastionPay, a game-changing online and offline payment platform for crypto adoption worldwide.

What is BastionPay and why does this matter?

You can chat with friends, send to friends, receive, and scan to pay, all in crypto.

BastionPay is a product of Blockshine Technology, a government supported blockchain initiative with support from many countries around the globe.

Despite being a new crypto payments app, BastionPay is already one of the top five most downloaded applications in its category.

All digital assets on the app are securely held by a bank-grade custodial service which currently holds custody of over $500 million USD worth of cryptocurrencies for both corporations and high net worth individuals. 80% of assets are held offline.

BastionPay boasts an all-purpose crypto payment and messaging wallet app, crypto-to-fiat ATMs, and crypto web payment solutions.

Make payments in-chat

The wallet application boasts functions eerily similar to the giant Chinese messaging and payment application, Alipay.

ATMs are planned to be installed in Japan and Korea. Vending machines are ready in countries including, but not limited to China, Malaysia and Australia.

What’s next for Skycoin?

As we enter the second major bull run of crypto, top projects are expected to deliver real products. With that comes the need for mainstream adoption of native coins, which comes through platforms such as these.

Of course, the Skycoin web wallet does an amazing job securing all Skycoin and handling all Skycoin transactions, but we like to be all-inclusive when it comes to quality applications. We will continue to build connections for user convenience.

Stay tuned for weekly development updates alongside news and announcements this month!