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Dec 1 2018

Skycoin Listed As Gold Label Binance Project

Skycoin is proud to announce the inclusion of SKY as one of the first-round projects for Binance Info’s “Gold Label Project.” Skycoin community and Binance users will now have the ability to receive the latest updates and information about the Skycoin project through this platform. More information can be found in the following link, the Skycoin page on Binance Info,

Binance Info aims to set the industry standard for comprehensive reviews and updates on crypto projects. Binance holds the position as an exchange with a solid history of trustworthiness and transparency in the crypto space. The Binance Info Gold Label provides a platform for blockchain projects to keep their investors updated. Skycoin is now one of the projects, who is willing to be transparent.
In hopes of providing consistent, accurate, and transparent updates, Skycoin’s collaboration with Binance Info will be a continuous effort with the leaders of Skycoin. Skycoin aims to actively engage with members of the Skycoin community as well as those not yet aware of the immense development that is underway with Skycoin, Skywire, and the launch of a community-driven decentralized internet.