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Jan 8 2018

Skycoin launches trading on COIN918

Skycoin recently announced that it will list on COIN918, a global digital currency trading platform. With the new listing, Skycoin brings its vision for a better cryptocurrency to even more users worldwide. It’s one more step towards a free and open network.

About COIN918

COIN918 is owed by Australia COIN918 Fintech Group Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, Australia. It launched in beta in 2016 and currently is in version 5.0. The development time has paid off: today, COIN918 offers its users a high level of system reliability, with bank-quality user data encryption, dynamic authentication, and multi-level risk identification control. Its features include multi-wallet encryption, offline storage in bank safes, actively managed third-party funds, instant recharging, and quick withdrawal for greater ease of use.

In addition to these security and advantages, COIN918 offers personalization and customer service by a dedicated team. Its high-performance trading engine streamlines trading and gives the platform added utility. COIN918 a great choice for anyone

Skycoin’s Expansion

The COIN918 listing is the latest in Skycoin’s rollout to users around the world. It’s only a matter of time before the coin becomes a major influence in the cryptocurrency space.

Skycoin is taking off for a simple but powerful reason: it’s a technically superior coin that re-engineers consensus to achieve true decentralization. By eliminating mining, Skycoin restores fairness to trading. It features a web-of-trust system that eliminates the corruption and network abuses that plague Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Skycoin is lightning-fast, with transactions that take less than 2 seconds and have no block limits. It’s 100% anonymous and highly secure, with built-in protection against all known network attacks. It has no heavy processing requirements, making it a good choice for protecting the environment. Plus, Skycoin also powers Skywire, a peer-to-peer internet that lets users browse without corporate interference or network manipulation.

Skycoin has been engineered to directly benefit the users. It’s about creating a better coin and a better network experience for everyone. With the listing on COIN918, the Skycoin team is excited to bring this carefully-crafted, user-oriented cryptocurrency to a wider population of users.

Start Trading Now

You can trade Skycoin now on

To learn more about Skycoin, check out and join the Skycoin community.