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Jun 21 2019

Skycoin Development Update - Week 25

Skywire Update

This week Skywire implemented a new shutdown procedure for an app on the Skywire node restart process. We also improved checks for the transport establishment handshake and added profiling for the Skywire node.

Skywallet Update

As well as fixing a number of issues discovered during the last review, Skywallet focused this week on reviewing edge case tests for the signing function.

Coin Hour Bank Update

Coin Hour Bank has now added a comments column in the transaction table, as well as OTP support for withdrawals. We have also fixed the email notification for successful withdrawals, improving user experience.

CX Update

Last but not least, CX fixed a number of problems this week including an issue with the Skyencoder in the CX fork, an issue creating transactions with non-matching hashes, and an issue with the CX program’s heap memory.

Check back soon for more news from the developers working to improve each element of the Skycoin ecosystem week by week!

Check out the weekly video here: