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Jun 14 2019

Skycoin Development Update - Week 24

CX Update

CX added the CX version parameter to CX Program this week, providing a way to handle incompatibilities between the different CX versions that may have been used on CX chains to date. We also solved an issue that was preventing the program state from storing, improving usability.

Whitelisting System Update

The most recent changes to the whitelisting system have resolved an issue that was creating duplicate nodes for users.

CX Tracker Update

Thanks to work done this week, the CX Tracker UI will now always display the table header.

Skywire Update

Skywire has benefited most recently from the completion of rewriting to the dmsg system (previously called the messaging system). We also wrote tests for the public environment this week, which should be generating more news ahead.

Skywallet Update

Skywallet has now finished preparations for the next upcoming release.

Check back for more news in the coming week!

Check out the weekly update video here: