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May 24 2019

Skycoin Development Update - Week 21

CX Update

This week the developers fixed a number of bugs that were causing memory-related issues for CX-Chain programs and further improved the testing process with alterations to CX-Chain parameters (for example with Coin Hour Burn).

Meanwhile, developers will benefit from the integration of a new command to work with: newcoin.

Skywire Update

The latest work on Skywire has focused on a number of important fixes, as well as integration tests for both SSH and the proxy.

Several bugs that were affecting Messaging Discovery Requests and one related to fetching cryptographic nonces have now been resolved. We also succeeded in removing a number of potentially disruptive race conditions.

Coin Hour Bank Update

Coin Hour Bank users will notice a number of important UX/UI improvements this week, starting with better user error notifications. We also updated the transaction display to continuously show recipient addresses, and resolved issues with copying deposit addresses in iOS. Other changes include improvements to UI issues that were affecting the transaction table.

Skywallet Update

Skywallet has now implemented changes to enable proper handling of ACK requests in the new Go interface. Meanwhile, we spotted several issues in the crypto library, all of which are now fixed.

Work in diverse corners of the ecosystem continues to bring about the changes that are making Skycoin a better environment for development and a better model for cryptocurrency week by week.