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May 3 2019

Skycoin Development Update - Week 18


The main focus of the Skywire development this week was directed at continuing the refactoring of the app package and associated changes in the router module. For that purpose, tests were partially rewritten and new tests were developed to increase coverage. Additionally a configuration generator tool for the local test environment was written.


The team added more Salt sources for the Skywallet to salt entropy generated by the Skywallet. The linter was modified to improve the code quality and legibility. In order to allow external developers to develop with the Skywallet, enhanced contribution guidelines were added to the project and functions were added that allow to check the memory protection status of a Skywallet. More and improved tests were written for the Skywallet Golang interface.


For the Ledger Skycoin integration, the developers continued the work on a Golang wrapper that allows communication between the device and the hardware wallet daemon. The UI was improved through a small refactoring.

Coin Hour Bank

The extensive testing of the Coin Hour Bank helped to identify and fix minor bugs of the UI and also lead the team to increase the overall usability of the UI by adding detail to the transaction records. The API was refactored to deprecate obsolete endpoints and the error handling was enhanced.


The Auth system saw an update to the 2-Factor-Authentication and the test coverage was increased.

The development of the Skycoin ecosystem is making rapid progress. Look forward to news on these and more important updates in the days ahead!