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Sep 5 2017

People Want Shitcoins

Excerpt from the Telegram channel

Question: I mean if Skycoin is so good I would definitely use it for my business over the rest but where can we see the proofs? The tests and all? Is there a website with more info and data? Is the network already strong with many nodes?

People want shitcoins.

Bitcoin at the start and now Skycoin have huge education and technical barriers.

Skycoin is new and from scratch and not a clone coin like these 500 ERC20 token, so for exchange to list they have to do real work (which they won’t want to do when its 6 people running an exchange supporting +300 shitcoins).

Skycoin has its own codebase, its own blockchain and it has developers. Which is too advanced and requires more education than other coins (who don’t have own blockchain,developers and are just ERC20 or bitcoin clone which everyone understands).

For other coins people don’t have to learn anything, they just know that they buy the coin and pump it and then sell it and make money. It does not require learning anything or educating the user what it’s for or how it works so the barrier is very low.

And anything new or innovative requires education and knowledge. And popular coins or something like Dogecoin are the opposite of that.

So Skycoin is at same early stage that Bitcoin and Ethereum had to go through, where there is a huge technical barrier for new users.

And so Skycoin is doing well on the meshnet and hardware and applications.

But our platform is also developing very well. Companies are telling us “why would we use Ethereum and put our data on a chain shared with 500,000 shitcoins, when Fiber gives our company OUR OWN blockchain”. Which is clearly superior.

No ones tries to put every single company on Earths data into the same SQL database, so why would you do this with blockchain?

The other thing is that our application business logic language is developing very well.

Ethereum’s contract language is like it was written by children. Endless stream of news about how many tens or hundreds of millions stolen this week.

We think for real businesses this will be the first professional and usable language and platform. It will be like going from Microsoft Paint and finger painting, to Photoshop.