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Latest Version of Skycoin Desktop Wallet Adds Skywallet Compatibility

The latest version of the Skycoin desktop wallet and daemon is now available for download at The new release, version 0.27.0, adds support for the recently released Skywallet.

At the end of November, the Skycoin community saw the successful launch of the highly anticipated Skywallet, a portable hardware cryptocurrency wallet designed by Skycoin. The Skywallet is able to securely generate a wallet seed without connecting to the Internet or a computer. Users can send Skycoin to the address generated from the secure seed without fear that the seed is compromised.

When a Skywallet user wants to send Skycoin, they simply use the USB cable included with their device to attach the Skywallet to a computer running the latest version of the desktop wallet along with the Skywallet daemon. (Note that the Skywallet must be set up before it can be used. A guide is available at

When connected, the Skywallet will appear as an available address in the “Send From” drop down menu in the default Simple Send or the “Select Wallet” menu in Advanced Send.

In addition to Skywallet support, version 0.27 of the desktop wallet also includes the much requested “Bulk Send” feature. This allows users to easily send coins to multiple addresses in a single transaction.


The newest version also adds BIP 44 (hierarchical deterministic) wallet support, and relevant links within the wallet reflect the recent migration from to, as well as the new GitHub repositories at SkycoinProject.

As a reminder, prior releases of the desktop wallet in 2019 included a reduction in the burn rate for Coin Hours (SCH) from 50% to 10%, as well as support for buying Skycoin from directly within the wallet.

A changelog for version 0.27 is available on GitHub, along with details on a number of bugfixes: