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Introducing CX v0.7

The Skycoin team keeps on powering through #MonthOfAnnouncements, and delivering key product updates through amazing development progress!

CX version 0.7

CX is the blockchain programming language for smart contracts on the Skycoin blockchain, and is an incredibly powerful part of the Skycoin ecosystem.

CX is a general purpose, interpreted, and compiled programming language, with a very strict type system and a syntax similar to Golang’s. CX provides a new programming paradigm based on the concept of affordances.

The focus of this powerful release is:

The integration of CX into the Skycoin Fiber blockchains.

These Skycoin Fiber Blockchains are called CX Chains, and we are incredibly excited to be able to bring you this release.

CX v0.7 is now live!

As of Saturday, 15th June 2019, this is the first public release of CX 0.7, and it is game changing. See the release notes here.

Going into a bit more detail: This release will allow you to write programs in the CX language that are stored on CX Chains.

It is important to note that it is not the Skycoin blockchain itself that is affected by CX Chain. Instead, each CX program will create a new, separate blockchain using the same technology.

Due to the importance of getting the blockchain programming language right, there was a previous public beta of CX v0.7.

This public release also fixes a number of important issues with the beta.

The most important one is that we increased the size of the largest program possible with the CX language from 32 KB to 64 MB.

This release also contains improvements in several key areas of CX, including new features, libraries, and bugfixes from both the public and beta release of v0.7.

New in this release:

Blockchain Integration

As briefly mentioned above, this is the first public release where blockchain integration is actively supported. This section will see many additions in upcoming versions.

Also new in version 0.7.0 is that CX itself is used to generate addresses.

New Debug Option for CX Developers

Developers of CX itself can now debug CX by making the lexical analyzer output the tokens that are being returned.

Library Improvements

  • Add new math bindings for f32 and f64 types: isnan, rand, acos, asin.
  • Add new glfw bindings: Fullscreen, GetWindowPos, GetWindowSize, SetFramebufferSizeCallback, SetWindowPosCallback, SetWindowSizeCallback.

Fixed issues

The team fixed a number of issues and bugs to help improve the overall stability and performance of CX.

All known issues with running CX on the blockchain were fixed.

More info can be found on the release notes here.


The documentation for the CX Chains has been improved. It can be found on the CX wiki here:

We are continuously expanding the documentation for CX, so do check the repository regularly.

For a more in depth overview into CX please have a look at our blog post.

Upcoming Updates

CX is being updated and worked on continuously by the team to bring even more exciting features in the near future.

Some of these updates may include:

  • The ability to transfer assets based on triggers (i.e. what’s called a ‘smart contract’ in other chains).
  • Distributed consensus on CX chains.
  • Improved integration of the CXFX Game Writing Framework for gaming on the blockchain.
  • More language improvements.

CX v0.7 is an incredibly powerful release, and we have a lot more coming very soon.

June, or #MonthOfAnnouncements, is already one of the most exciting times for Skycoin, and we are not even halfway through the month!

As always, stay tuned for more updates, news, and big announcements to come!