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Jan 3 2018

How to Buy Skycoin

Intructive Guide on How to Purchase Skycoin

We have received a lot of messages asking for explicit directions on how to purchase Skycoin, so we are making this blog post to outline the process.

You can purchase through a direct-buy service:

You can purchase on the exchanges Binance or LBank:

To purchase on these two exchanges, you will need to buy Bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin at,,, or other verified exchanges.

After you purchase Bitcoin, you will need to transfer your Bitcoin to Binance or LBank to purchase Skycoin. To do this, you will need to first make an account on either of these exchanges. After making your account, you will need to copy the Bitcoin address from your Binance or LBank balances tab. This is the address you will send Bitcoin to. Now, go to the original exchange where you purchased Bitcoin, i.e. Coinbase, Gemini, or Bitstamp, and access the send function from your Bitcoin wallet. You will copy and paste the Binance or LBank address into the send page of the original exchange. After you do this, you should be able to send and confirm the transaction. If you want to view your transaction, you can do so at by looking up the associated public addresses that you used. Now, you will have to wait for the Bitcoin to arrive at your address at LBank or Binance. This time can vary from minutes to hours depending on how clogged the Bitcoin blockchain is. After it arrives, you will be able to purchase Skycoin on the exchange. To do so, you will need to access the SKY tab of the exchange page and place an order to bid at a certain price, or match a corresponding sell order on the exchange. If you have further questions you can contact the Skycoin team at or [email protected]