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Introducing CXFX: The CX Graphics Library

CXFX’s objective is to facilitate the development of games and applications using CX, allowing developers to focus on building their apps instead of having to write everything from scratch! This is a way to share and factorize knowledge.

At first, CXFX will be a library-only environment, allowing you to access CXFX functionalities from a CX program. The eventual goal is to have something like a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) game editor, like Unity.

Disclaimer: CXFX is a work in progress, and the API will change as it matures.

You can find the code in the CXFX repo as the project is now officially supported by the Skycoin team. Congratulations 2dbug!

Version 0.1 of CXFX

Work in Progress:

  • Openal abstraction (.wav playback)
  • Opengl abstraction (texture/shaders/meshes)
  • Matrix
  • 2d GUI toolkit
  • Cameras
  • GLTF loader
  • PBR

If you’d like to start playing around with CXFX, you can check out some CXFX tutorials. The tutorials are numbered and progress through the functionalities. You can launch them from the tutorials dir by running:

sh make 0_colored_quad ... make 9_batch ...

What’s needed

Making CXFX into what it needs and deserves to be is a huge undertaking!

Although started by one man, there’s only so much he can do…

Skycoin is allocating resources to help progress the engine, however this is a community project at heart and will require all able bodies onboard to help.

Whether you’re a programmer, writer, audio expert or just intrigued by the project and looking to help out… We want your help! You can join the CXFX Telegram group.

General Help

  • Writing apps with CXFX
  • Testing the tutorials
  • Reporting bugs
  • Feedback regarding the usage (what needs to be improved, what functionalities are missing etc.)
  • Documentation of the tutorial code
  • Documentation for the lib (should be driven by the tutorials)
  • Writing small self-contained examples.  Tutorials walk through a little game creation, we should also have some small examples.
  • Writing GUI examples

Developer Contribution: Expanding Functionalities

  • Math lib (Matrix/Vector/Quaternion)
  • Collision detection
  • Physics
  • Model export and loading
  • Handling resize events (Toggle fullscreen)
  • Cameras (TPS, FPS…, smooth motions)
  • Audio streaming
  • 3D audio
  • MP3 playback
  • WAV f32 and f64
  • Lighting/shading
  • Hot reload of shader files
  • Refactor/improve/debug/bulletproof the 2d UI toolkit (it’s unstable now)
  • Texture compression
  • grep -RHn TODO in lib/cxfx/
  • grep -RHn ISSUE in lib/cxfx/ those are cx language issues, they need to be extracted in small cx programs and opened as issue on skycoin/cx
  • GUI serialization in json
  • Leaderboards, using CXO
  • CX linter
  • Blockchain integration
  • Code cleanup
  • Resource cleanup
  • Optimizations
  • API design
  • Porting to mobile
  • R&D regarding iOS Metal and Android Vulkan

The best way to contribute to the development of CXFX is to fork the Skycoin/CXFX repo and make some pull requests against the develop branch.

Keep an eye out for version 0.2 which should be released very soon!