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Jun 1 2019

Celebrating Skywire's Testnet Anniversary

After years of development, the Skycoin team launched Skywire with a public testnet, and we are amazed to see the progress to date!

We are very excited to celebrate the 1 year anniversary for the Skywire Testnet today!

The year has flown by, and we are extremely proud of our supportive community that has been growing the Skywire network at an amazing pace.

And to show our appreciation, we are happy to announce:

We will be increasing the rewards for the month of June by 10%!

Some incredible Skywire facts to date:

In the past year, we have peaked over 10,000 nodes live on the Skwire network, and are maintaining well over:

9,000 nodes online on average

You can track Skywire’s impressive growth using the Skywire Nodes Stats Tool. A screenshot of the tool is shown below:

Skywire's Testnet Growth

This is a tremendous achievement, and we we look forward to seeing the Skywire network expand even further through the tireless efforts of our amazing community and team.

And at current prices ($2.25/SKY), the Skycoin team will have:

Rewarded ~$1 million worth of Skycoin to the Skywire network

The community so far in rewards to our community running Skywire nodes in the Skywire testnet.

We eagerly look forward to Skywire’s continual global expansion, alongside Skycoin’s impressive product rollout, and cannot wait to see what the future will bring for the Skycoin ecosystem and community.

Even more incredible announcements are coming for Skycoin this month, so stay tuned!